Madeleine Wallien

Co-founder and Olivier's sister.

Likes sunny environments and heads abroad at least 4 times a year to find some outdoor adventure. Not the best surfer in her family as her kids are catching up really fast. The WALLIEN creative brain with a keen interest in nature, health, photography, art and cooking. Loves to create things to enjoy the outdoors the best way you can.

Olivier Wallien

Co-founder and Madeleine's brother.

The only male in otherwise full female team 😅. Very average surfer but tries it anyway. Can be found in the local CrossFit box 4 times per week but eats enough calories to compensate. Likes to build stuff and looks after all things business.

Nikki van Dijk

Nr 1 Team Rider and Brand Ambassador.

Pro Surfer from Australia competing on the World Tour. Largest collection of positive vibes in one person. Likes yoga, vegan stuff and dogs (not in that order). Co-designs and watertests WALLIEN products for surf performance and fun.

Bodhi Leigh-Jones


Born in California and grew up in a small coastal area on the edge of Sydney in a family of surfers. Started surfing at the age of 2 and competing at 5. Spents everyday in and around the ocean, at present in the Northern Rivers. Studies Environmental Science at University as she's super passionate about the environment and being earth conscious.

Lou Peter


Living in Lacanou, France. Competing on local level in the surf and on world class level in waterski. Likes skateboarding and music (vocals & guitar) in her free time. The values she defends are: the protection of the environment (ambassador for the Water Life Community association) and the promotion of board sports practiced by women.

Lucy Littlechild


From Queensland, Australia. Surfing has connected her to many incredible people all around the globe, it has lead her to some of the most obscure places, all which have their own beauty and stories to tell. Her ambition is to continue to explore different styles of surfing and compete in events. A committee member for the local boardriding club as a female representative, working towards establishing a solid foundation of female surfers.

Stella Valdez


Competitor surfer from the island of Maui, where she was born and raised. Her goal in surfing is to inspire others and get other girls to surf. Further in the future her goal is to be able to get on the WSL Championship Tour.

Lucy Bonnier


Living and surfing on the beautiful island of Martinique in the carribean.

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